Scorpion venom

All about Haggada’s Scorpion

Scorpion venom

Investigating the types of scorpions and their enemies *
All about Haggada’s Scorpion *
The scorpion or scallop or name of the name is one of the species of arthropods of the Spider-Man category, which has 8 legs and a bite with deadly venom. Scorpion bite is at the tip of it. The Scorpions are slowly pursuing their biological activities at night and are more active in hot climates.
These animals have prickly claws that are actually part of their mouths. They are able to throw a dangerous toxin from the rear of their bodies to the attackers. The animal hunts more at night and uses its long legs to find food, and after finding food, it catches it with its forks. Scorpions often hide under the rocks or in relatively cool underground holes throughout the day.
The most dangerous scorpions*
Contrary to the rumors that the scorpion’s dangers depend on its color, and in some parts of Iran it is believed that yellow scorpion is dangerous and in some places it considers black scorpion dangerous, this assessment is unacceptable and scorpion has no role in the concentration of poison or It’s not dangerous.
It can be said that the scorpion venom of dry and tropical regions in Iran has high concentrations. Fortunately, the most dangerous scorpions do not usually inject all their poison during a human bite because the scorpion saves in the consumption of poison and always tries to throw the enemy at the first bite with a brief injection of the enzyme, but if it is captured and does not escape, it is necessary to inject the poison Becomes the main one. Scorpio needs more nutrition to replace the toxin and, therefore, does not want to waste its own poison.
The venom is a scorpion called the Centruroides Sculpturatus, a severe fungus that is scarce small and yellow with a small tuberculosis on the back. The length of the animal is 2.5 to 7.5 cm, and is also called the “Scorpio Gerar“. The most dangerous type of scorpion in Iran is Scorpio Gordium, which is found in the Khuzestan region and has a deadly toxic. Sam’s other scorpions are not deadly.


Scorpion venom
Sam Scorpion *
Scorpio venom is a colorless liquid that has a neutral alkaline effect and is in fact a protein. The poison is composed of elements such as carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and sulfur. The poison contains various proteins such as toxin and enzymes. Toxins or toxic agents include neuroxin (neurotoxin), hemotoxin, and cardiotoxin.
Enzymes that make it easy to get toxins include lecithinase, hyaluronidase, phospholipase, proteinase, and coagulation or anticoagulant enzymes. The venom of the scorpions is more effective on the end and the small animals, but some species like the “killer scorpion” are deadly for humans. It is not known that a scorpion can dance after a few minutes.
The venom of most toxic scorpions causes the red blood cells to be destroyed and, at the site of the bite, causes localized color variation and painful swelling. Although some of the fatal types of venom do not cause local symptoms and inflammation, but they must be examined by a doctor and treated with anti-Scorpion serum, children and elderly people are more vulnerable to Scorpios and need more attention.
In addition to damage to red blood cells, scorpion venom also produces neurological symptoms that include restlessness, seizures, uneven walking, mouth watering, severe skin-to-skin sensation, muscle contractions, abdominal pain and decreased respiratory function, which in most cases Symptoms fall in 48 hours.
Scorpion Reproduction *
Scorpions are alive and often range from mid-summer to mid-fall, and the number of babies varies from 2 to 90 depending on the scorpion. In some types of scorpions, the babies leave the head and in some other babies from the tail. Infants after birth give birth to the back of the mother’s body, and at least until the first infants are displaced over the mother’s scorpion. At this time, often, due to hunger and lack of food, the mother uses a few of her infants as food and, on the contrary, feeds babies from their mother.


Scorpion venom
Scorpion *
Scorpion Gordium (Scorpion Death)
This scorpion is known by almost all Khuzestan children or loved ones who have spent the war years in the basins of the southern regions. This scorpion is the most toxic scorpion in the world, even the Mexican red scorpion is at a second distance.
Its poison is not anything to do with the spider’s spider’s murder or the black widow living in the Amazon jungle, the male’s color is a tendency to the cream and the color of the substance is brownish-brown. In the event of a bite, the victim has only 5 minutes to counteract it, even if it is not paralyzed, the severity of muscle contraction is so severe that sometimes the victim’s jaws leave their area.
Scorpion Satan
One of the most aggressive scorpions in the desert region of Isfahan is the Scorpion. The local hunters and shepherds chose the best name they could choose for this fearful scorpion. Its length sometimes reaches up to 15 cm, and its color is tilted to gray and behind it is dark green.

Scorpion venom

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