Scorpion venom

Life of the scallop mother

Life of the scallop mother*
A scrub and his protection from his newborns is really exciting. Because this is a masterpiece of nature.
Scorpion or scorpion or extension of the name is one of the species of arthropods of the Spider-Man category, which has eight-legged bite and deadly venom. Scorpion bite is at the tip of it. Scars have different colors, such as brownish brown, brown, gray and black, and vary in size from 5.1 to 18 centimeters.

Scabies often catch insects and are important in this regard. They are often black beetles and if they can hunt frogs too. The average lifespan of a scallop is around 4 years old, but the larger one has been seen, which has lived for 25 to 30 years.

Scouts slowly go to their biological activities at night and are more active in hot climates. These animals have spiny claws that are actually part of their mouths. They are able to throw a dangerous toxin from the back of their body to the attackers.
Move to safe place

Scorpion venom

 Each place occupies itself behind the mother*
A good protection; the stomach babies are in the safe place, behind the mother. And the mother protects her children with her bite.
Infants are transferred to the back after birth

This creature catches more at night and uses his long legs to find food, and after finding food, he takes it with his claws. After eating, they clean themselves for hours and cleanse their legs and clears with a liquid that secretes from the mouth. Scorpions are very resistant to hunger and thirst so that they can survive for months without water and food. Scouts often hide under the rocks or in the holes of the earth during the day.

Scouts have two natural enemies, one of them is a kind of spit and another flies. More interestingly, sconces are the only ones that do not have an effect on radioactive radiation. The weakest scorpions tolerate 40,000 rad (absorbent ionizing radiation unit), which is less than just 600 radians in humans, thus surviving even an atomic bomb.
Scorpions only live and when mating, males and moths mate their breasts. If the males do not escape in time, they will be the prey of the substance. Scouts often spawn from mid-summer to mid-autumn, and the number of children varies from 2 to 105 depending on the scorpion. In some scrubs, the babies leave the head and in others the babies are tired

Scorpion venom

After birth, newborn babies move to the back of the mother’s body, and at least until the first infants are displaced on the back of their mother’s scallop. At this time, often, due to hunger and lack of food, the mother uses her daughter as a food, and vice versa, the children feed their mother.

Scorpion blood contains homocyanine, which is bright in liquid form and contains a lot of copper. Due to the presence of the copper that oxidizes in the vicinity of the air, the color of the blood is blue or green. The blood of the scorpions is poisonous, so that if injected into a mouse, it causes death.

Have you ever seen a carcass during childbirth? Watching the delivery of a scorpion is really exciting. The length of pregnancy is a scab, depending on how many months to more than a year. Newborn babies are born after the birth at the back of the mother. The scorpion remains there until the fall.
With the onset of a period of about 5 days, all the babies go down behind the scallop and go after their lives. And the mother with a new skin continues on the first day.

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