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Necessity and importance

Necessity and importance*
The country’s pharmaceutical industry, as one of the major industries, is now inferior in engineering to the other industries that produce sophisticated products, which is seen in many parts of the world, even in advanced countries. .This simple and traditional situation is not acceptable due to the high value added in the products of this industry, but the existence of such parameters as high quality, purity, high costs of management and environmental protection, the need for scientific attention to the industry, and the importance of research into Demands to be explicit. Today, pharmaceutical industry managers feel a lot of pressure on their collections because of the ever-increasing need for pharmaceutical products in the community.


On the other hand, the application of new and tough standards by governments has prevented existing technologies from meeting those standards and requirements, while the manufacturing industry has a very high net worth medication and patterns of the use of effective substances in the production of pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical raw materials from the lack of A strong engineering base is suffering. In fact, new regulations in the pharmaceutical industry have been set up that the manufacturing processes in the registration of new drugs are not guaranteed, and there is a need for continuous review and modification of the methodology, so there is no other option other than the training of skilled and specialized personnel in this field.
For more than a decade, the chemical engineering field has advanced from its entirely traditional framework and has become a form of interconnected knowledge of the phenomena of transmission, thermodynamics, chemistry, kinetics, and so on.

In recent years, these sciences have been developed so that the powerful scientific tools created by the extensive scientific advances have made it possible for humankind to be easily used in other fields in the field of natural sciences. Such an incentive in chemical engineering has led to the development of completely new ideas and fields, including pharmaceutical engineering closely related to biological sciences.
A comprehensive pharmacy program can boost the old parts of the pharmaceutical industry in mass production and patterns of drug use. With the opening of this field at the university, in the short term, the scientific foundation of the pharmaceutical industry is strengthened and graduatesWill be able to provide the research needs of this industry in the field of engineering and the appropriate identification methods. From the educational point of view, there is a hope that the talented students will be attracted to this course and learn more about scientific and practical methods to help the industry.

Kelly Rome Pharmacy Features

Clinic Rome’s pharmacy or clean room can be very large. All production facilities can be located in a clean room with a factory floor covering thousands of square meters. They are widely used in the production of semiconductors, biotechnology, biotechnology and other highly polluting environments. The air entering the clean room is controlled to eliminate possible contamination with a series of advanced filters. Kelly Romans have different classes and standards according to the degree of cleanliness.
Crystal Pharmacy Applications

Animal Microbiology
Fill the Amchoul parts
 Production of antibiotics
Generic and normal drugs
Kelly Rome Pharmaceutical Objectives

To obtain and maintain a sterile state and to prevent the pollution of all products that are important for the safety of patients.
Ensuring uncertainty and preventing contamination prepares pharmacies in a clean room.
Clean rooms are a valuable tool for preventing particle and microbial contamination while combining sterile products. However, it’s important to remember that clean rooms are just a piece of the puzzle.

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