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Industrial Scorpion Method

Industrial Scorpion Method

Industrial Scorpion Method

These creatures have prickly forks that are actually part of their mouths and are capable of spraying dangerous toxins from the back of their bodies toward invaders; At the same time, it can also be the savior of human beings, which is why in the last few years scorpion venom has become one of the most profitable businesses in the world.
Scorpion venom is the most expensive liquid in the world, with one gram of 1 million tomans in the world, so these days we are witnessing the expansion of the scorpion trade, as it is very profitable.

It is one of the youngest jobs whose millions of revenue have made young people more eager to work in the field. In Iran there are several species of scorpions and their venoms are very valuable and due to the importance of this issue, it has been tried in practical training courses for practitioners from all over the country on how to identify, capture, breed and poison scorpions. Be.

Although scorpion venom is deadly, it has been used in the manufacture of anti-cancer drugs, antibiotics and joint pain treatment, AIDS and MS and in the manufacture of medicines. Researchers have also found good results in using pesticides in agricultural pesticide discussions. .

The scorpions are kept in boxes and in a fully secured room so they do not run away, the scorpion’s system is such that it sleeps day and night, because if the scorpion escapes during the day, it will never go out in the sun and hide there and at night It comes out
If the scorpion venom stays in the open air, it disappears in 2 to 5 minutes. Storage conditions for scorpion venom are very important – of course I am reproducing the scorpion right now, but it should be frozen at low temperatures and requires special refrigerators. The freeze-dried scorpion poison disappears in 2 to 5 days, so they dry the liquid poison.
Scorpion venom is very expensive overseas and each is around $ 4-5 million, but unfortunately in Iran there is still no company or union. This poison has come from dealers and intermediaries who buy very cheaply through other countries in Turkey. Other countries sell.
In Iran, the grammar producer buys 2 thousand tomans and sells about 3 million tomans abroad. If a union is formed to collect the poisons and buy them from the producers at a reasonable price. Better The problem with scorpion breeding is the sale of poison, for now, since there is no start-up, there is no union or regulatory body, and a handful of dealers and profiteers have fallen.
You also need to build buildings to store, feed and poison the scorpions, including:
1. Build a breeding room for scorpions
2. Construction of quarantine room
3. Crab and Cricket Breeding Room for Feeding and Feeding Scorpions
4 – poisoning room for poisoning scorpions
5- Local construction as warehouse as well as forced labor building
You can find the scorpion farming justification for the full details of the buildings needed for scorpion breeding. 

Industrial Scorpion Method
After completing the construction work it is necessary to prepare the equipment:
Machinery and equipment needed for scorpion breeding
1- Long and 5 centimeters long to get the scorpions
2. UV lamp + UV eyewear
3. Electro shock device – poisoning device – ves4 device
4- Professional digital temperature and humidity meter
5. Gel for electrode poisoning
6. Silica Gel – Humidifier specifically for venom storage
7- Scorpion compartment and storage box
8. Scorpion disinfectant solution
9- Hall shelf
10- High quality sand

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