What is the method of poisoning the scorpions?

What is the method of poisoning the scorpions?

What is the method of poisoning the scorpions?

How to poison scorpions


The most common method of poisoning scorpions is to use the scorpion venom or, in other words, the scorpion tail end. This end strap is called a poison gland and should not be confused with other scorpion tail straps, which are five in number. To detoxify, first remove the toxic gland from the junction with the last tail (fifth section) and rinse it then place in the dryer for about a month to dry completely. They are then crushed in a crystalline mortar until they are crushed and then dissolved in distilled water. The obtained solution is centrifuged to separate the liquid containing the toxin.

Another way to make a poison that makes the poison cleaner is to use an electric shock device. Thus, by using two electrodes that are located on the sides of the poison gland, they electrically shock the animal, causing the pure poison to be ejected. The toxin, which is initially liquid, is converted into dry toxin by another device and used in the manufacture of antigen for a specific protocol.

What is the method of poisoning the scorpions?
To poison those facilities, technology and experts are needed because the toxicity of these creatures is very low.
According to reports in Iranian species common in the country, an average of one hundred milligrams to about 2 milligrams of dry venom is obtained by electroconvulsive method. That is, I needed to produce one gram of dried venom from about 500 species to about 100,000 (one hundred thousand).

Properties of Scorpion venom:

Scorpion venom for the treatment of autoimmune diseases (diseases caused by malfunction of the immune system) such as MS, Lupus, Crohn’s disease, psoriasis and arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis), ulcerative colitis, colon inflammatory disease, biliary cirrhosis, diabetes Types 1 and 2 and others have been considered. Scorpion venom can also be used against malignant tumors, connective tissue cancers, brain and spinal cord tumors, breast cancers, as well as in the diagnosis of lung, skin, esophageal, cervical and colon cancers. Other uses in medicine include coagulopathy, hypertension, cerebrovascular disease and as an antibiotic against fungi, bacteria, parasites and viruses.

Iran’s most dangerous scorpions

2- Hemiscorpius leptus:

In the sun, Gadim is called a yellow scorpion with a small body. Gadium males are more dangerous. Because of their long tail, they can easily poison their victims. Gadium is one of the scorpions that does not hesitate to bite.
Gadium is also reluctant to put more of its poison into the victim’s body. This peculiarity of hand poisoning in the gallium has made them the most dangerous scorpions in Khuzestan and Iran.

1. Campus Matthizeni:

Another variant is a very small body with a slender and elongated body. The scorpion is yellow or brick. Matehizeni is one of the species that should be found in the Khuzestan line, which makes this scorpion famous for its fatal contribution.
Matte toxins can easily destroy an incredible percentage of red blood cells.

1 – Andructonus krasikoda:

It’s actually the black scorpion. Krasikoda has a larger size than the previous two species. Its color is black or dark brown. It is distributed not only in Khuzestan but in all parts of Iran. Krasikoda’s poison is also deadly. Of course no more than the other two species. Perhaps it is because of its black color and shape and its intimidating icons that everyone thinks is the deadliest and deadliest scorpion in the world.

Scorpion breeding in Iran

Iran’s only Middle East Scorpion Antibody Producer Country:
Iran is the only country in the Middle East to produce scorpion antisera, though a research site in Saudi Arabia is active.

What is the method of poisoning the scorpions?

Khuzestan Province Most Talented for Export – Production of Quadruple Anthrotoxemia Vaccine in Ahvaz – High Quality of Scorpion Antiserum in Khuzestan – Khuzestan Ranked First in Diversity and Scorpion

Scorpion License

Inspection of the scorpion breeding plan is carried out by experts from the Department of Agriculture, the Health Network, the Environment and other relevant departments. And because they run the risk of being rigid, you have to be patient to get a license.

The status of the scorpion market in Iran

Iran is the only country producing scorpion antiserum in the Middle East, though a research site in Saudi Arabia is active. The scorpion antiserum produced in Iran is of high quality. Iranian antisera are the most expensive scorpion antisera

Summary of the Scorpion Farm Creation Plan

To set up a scorpion farm with a capacity of 40,000 scorpions per year


The scorpions of Iran have the highest rate of bites in the world. According to the results of the study, people who go to the health center 2 hours after the bite, 3 times more likely to survive between 2 and 4 hours and 2 times more than those who go to the treatment center more than 2 hours. Since scorpions are predominantly active in hot areas and at night, safety considerations are important in preventing scorpions, especially in tropical and dark weather. Like wearing socks, pants and shoes, shaking shoes and clothes before wearing them and so on.

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