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The Mouse Spider is named for it because it believed

Spider hubu
The Hobo Spider, the first species to be listed on this list, was first discovered in Europe. Recently, a large number of this species has been seen in North America, which indicates the expansion of the territory of this dangerous spider. The bite, which is highly invasive and found in residential homes, is very painful and will take weeks to heal as a result of the dangerous poison injected into the sacrificial body. Although the bite of this spider can not be fatal, it is very painful. The most important factor in placing this species on the list of the most dangerous spiders is that Hubu is very aggressive and while other species of the insect usually hide themselves from humans, Hubu reacts very mercilessly if they feel at risk. It attacks people.

The Mouse Spider is named for it because it believed
Camel spider-
As the name suggests, the camel spider (Camel Spider) is found in South Africa and lives in the desert. This species sinks in the sand to escape the burning heat of the desert. Although the bite is not poisonous, the spider can be very painful and can escape faster than 15 km / h. The appearance of this kind of human fear is considered to be the main reason for him. The Shrike species has one of the most frightening appearances among other spiders. The length of the insect can reach 15 cm and its jaws reach 7.5 centimeters.
Spider yellow bag
This is responsible for many bites and fears that these insects live around the world. Yellow Spider Spider is found in regions such as Australia and Canada and has a poison called cytoxin. This toxin causes severe pain while biting, and then the bite area will swell and blister. It’s usually yellow or green in color and because of their very small size, they can hardly be found. The length of the spider is less than one centimeter. If you see the spider, it’s best to stay away from it and leave it to yourself.
Fluffy Rat-
Fringed Ornamental Tarantula is one of the most scary species of insects that is not similar to other types of spiders. It is a very strong and painful source of bites and poisoning. There is a special dance in the culture of Spain, in which the Tarentula dance is meant to be called the Ratil. In fact, after being picked up by this relic, the victim will perform moves that are very similar to this type of dance. Due to the bite of this rat, severe pain occurs in the bite, and the surrounding muscles get cramps, and then you will feel severe pain in your chest.

The Mouse Spider is named for it because it believed

Mouse Spider-
The Mouse Spider is named for it because it believed it was like a mouse in the past, but another reason for naming a mustache, chest and abdomen was its crafty, lovely look. It’s forgiven. This species has a deadly poison in its stings, but usually does not sacrifice its lethal venom and bites only its body that will cause severe pain. In addition, the spider is not aggressive and rarely bites. This type is easily visible and recognizable because of its large shape and scary jay and red color, and it is better to avoid it.

Six-eye sandwich spider-
The Six Eyed Sand Spider, which lives in the South African desert, is usually hidden under the sand. The reason why he was hiding under the sand is not only to protect himself from overheated heat and intense sunlight, but also to hunt. The spider attacked its victim and injected a deadly hole in her body. Studies show that the spider’s poison can cause a rabbit to die within 5 hours. This kind of venom causes the infection of the stomach and severely damages red blood cells.

Instead of causing blood coagulation, this poisoning causes the liver to rise and the blood pressure will rise, and ultimately, due to bruising in the area of ​​bite and preventing blood coagulation, the victim will suffer from severe hemorrhage and wound healing. Loses Of course, humans rarely encountered this type of disease, and there are no reports of death from this bite, but the six-eye spider is very dangerous.

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