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Terms of poisoning and keeping the scorpion venom

Advise and set up scorpion breeding, cultivate the rape
First of all, it should be said that Scorpio is one of the most promising ways in the country in which Greenland Endowment Company has expertise and expertise in consulting and consulting.
The scallops of Iran have the highest rates in the world. According to the results of the study, those who visit the treatment centers 6 hours after binge are 2 times more likely to survive between 6-12 hours and 5 times more than those who have been treated for more than 12 hours. Since scrubs are more active in hot areas and at night, it is important to observe safety precautions to prevent scorpion, especially in tropical areas and in the dark. Like wearing socks, pants and shoes, shaking shoes and clothes before wearing and so on.
Pay attention to these points: assessing the scene of an incident, eliminating or avoiding danger, requesting assistance if necessary; then assessing the injured person and performing the steps of the ABC and other essential emergency medical assistance if necessary; keeping the injured person permanently and keeping the member Cold compresses Of course, ice should not be applied directly on the limbs; using a special sucker to remove the toxin, in the absence of a special sucker, using suction or sucking the bite by mouth. There is no consensus on cutting and sucking the wound site with your mouth. Some scholars oppose this, and some allow this method to be used, and then go straight to the treatment center.
Terms of poisoning and keeping the scorpion venom

The most commonly used methods for scamming are the use of a tetanus toxoid scorpion, the scapular end of the scrotum. These ends are called “poisonous tubers” and should not be confused with the other claws of the scorpion, which are five. To munch, first cut off the poison gland from the attachment to the last tail (Clause 5) and rinse it. Then, in drying machines, it takes about a month to dry completely. Then the tubers are crushed in crystalline masonry to be crushed, then dissolved with distilled water. The solution is placed in a centrifuge to separate the contents of the poison.
Another method for providing poison by which a purified poison is prepared is by using an electric shock device. In this way, using two electrode placed on the sides of the glandular poison, it injects an electric shock into the beast that causes pure poison to escape.

Conditions of poisoning and keeping poison
The venom breaks down under half an hour.

Room temperature should be four degrees during inhalation and should be kept in a laboratory freezer after being poisoned.

At a negative temperature, eighty poisons are longer than expected. Of course, we must fully understand and enforce the phenomenon of protein deficiency.

Dry poison is two years old.

Dry tooth storage temperature C ° + 4

Storage temperature of liquid poison 80 ° C

Transfer temperature of liquid poison 20 ° C

Preparation for the preparation of poisonous lipophilic poisons

After extraction of the scorpion venom by electric shock method, it is lyophilized and stored in a freezer. Then, to do this, first, some of the myofoscium oxide levophilic powder, which was obtained by an electrical stimulation method, was dissolved in distilled water and stirred for 3 hours. The solution is then placed in a dialysis bag for 48 hours and at a temperature of about 4 ° C in a refrigerator. The dialysis bag of 32 mm is used for this job. After dialysis, the specimen is centrifuged for 17 minutes in SIGMA 6K15 centrifugal Germany, and the rotor 12172, with 14000 rpm and at 4 ° C, and the soluble portion is separated from insoluble mucoproteins, the presence of mucoproteins blocks the column Gel will be. After centrifuging the solution, the filter is passed through 0.45 micrometers.

Terms of poisoning and keeping the scorpion venom
Sam Scorpion
Scorpio venom is a colorless liquid that has a neutral alkaline effect and is in fact a protein. The poison is composed of elements such as carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and sulfur. The poison contains various proteins such as toxin and enzymes. Toxins or toxic agents include neuroxin (neurotoxin), hemotoxin, and cardiotoxin.

Enzymes that make it easy to get toxins include lecithinase, hyaluronidase, phospholipase, proteinase, and coagulation or anticoagulant enzymes. The venom of the scorpions is more effective on the end and the small animals, but some species like the “killer scorpion” are deadly for humans. It is not known that a scorpion can dance after a few minutes.

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