Spider Venom

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Spider VenomFrom Greek, the name is translated as “beast” with “light”. Theraphosidae are also known as spider monkeys, spider rabbits and baboon spiders. These are the rounded eyes that have two paws. Their bodies are covered with shiny, short hair. The size of the body is small from 2.5 to 10 cm. The distance to the end of the heel to the end of the forehead (including the length of the foot itself) is 8 to 30 cm and the weight of the largest person is about 90 grams. Despite the appearance, Teraphosidae bird weeds do not have mortal danger.

The family consists of more than 800 species, divided into 12 subfamilies. Previously, there were 13 subfamilies and 113 genera
Spiders are one of the most dangerous poisonous arthropods, which generally measures the power of spider poison 15 times the power of a snake.

Today, the antidote is commonly used in many countries, and antidiabetic medicines are effective in improving kidney and liver complications.

Based on the results of kidney and liver disease statistics, the spider widow of venom increases the level of liver and kidney blood enzymes.

Spider-powered antidotes improve liver and kidney complications. Spider-wise poison value is among the most expensive substances on the planet. Spider venom is a good treatment for MS and cerebral and pulmonary paralysis.
Spiny spiny spider

Spider Venom
Spider Venom
Location and identification:
This type of spider spider or gem is also called. The body is thorns and found in all parts of Australia, but it prefers to live in covered areas, such as gardens or forests. The bag containing this egg is red and hangs from the branches. The color of the male and female The spider is similar and the body is black and white and the abdomen has yellow spots. In some species, the abdomen also has orange color.
The body has widespread and short wrists and the size of the material is about 9 mm and male is 3 mm.
The bite of the spider is rarely seen and causes symptoms such as swelling and pain.
Spice netting custody
Because of the different and interesting way of hunting, spiders are referred to as “netting” spiders. Most of the Spider Noodle species in Australia are located in the Dinopis family. The general characteristics of the spider are as follows: long legs and eight eyes with a high vision that two of the eyes are larger and upright, the substance has a bright brown color and on the sides of the abdomen, two half-humpy prominences There is . In some species, under the abdomen there are small orange patches. The males are shorter and smaller and have barbed legs. The color of the body is dark or gray, with corrugated lines on top of it, and a pair of small, white tops adjacent to the eye. The material is about 25 mm and the male is about 10-15 mm.
Spider Psilotria Radi
A new species of rutile, which is almost as large as your face, has been discovered in northern Sri Lanka, with a size of about 8 inches on the trees.
It has beautiful, water-colored designs. A native of Sri Lanka and India, and is known to be the family of large spider-bunnies in Jalout, South America.
Newly Discovered Spider: Trogloraptor
As it has recently been discovered in the Northwest Caves of the Pacific Ocean, it has sparked scientists astonishment. It has legs and sharp claws, and scientists still do not know what diet it is.
This species hangs on the roof of the cave by hitting the primitive shapes of the warp and sits in ambush.
Crabbone neckband
Cerbalus aravensis*
The species recently discovered in Israeli deserts is about 5/5 inches larger than other types of group in the Middle East. According to Yuri Shanas, a biologist at the Uranium University of Haifa is a new species.
The secret survival of this kind of spider is a mystery, but more activity is done on hot summer days! The spider lives in an underground hole that is housed by the one on it. The researchers believe that the spider uses the method of sitting and waiting for hunting.
Skeletal spider
Spider Venom
Spider Venom
Two gorgeous new species of Spider Spider called “Skeletorus”

And “Sparklemuffin” in Australia, according to a new report

Two New Species in South East Queensland by Madeleine Gerrard, Student

A graduate student at the University of California at Pauwi Spiders

He was discovered in collaboration with one of his friends

Gerard put the nickname of one species Sparklemuffin, as well as other species with

The name jactatus Maratus, which has a blue and red stripes on its abdomen.
Also, the type has white markings on a black and white background.

Which is somewhat similar to a skeleton.

In fact, Skeletorus, officially called sceletus Maratus, “seems to be

Significantly different from all the other spider spiders

To this day,

And while Skeletorus species is very different from other species

Known in the group appears.
Evolution of poison in poisonous animals, all kinds of poison and the uses of poison in poisonous animals
This will require dedicated structures that have attracted much energy and poison, not only an unrivaled weapon, but also one of the most costly biological innovations during evolution.
There is a great deal of hardship for each beast, equipping them with a lethal weapon with the proper and accurate function that will be as effective as possible.

Spider Venom

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