Spider Venom

Consider maternity duties

Spider Venom
In this research, more than 70 samples of live spiders collected from Mazandaran and Gilan provinces were developed in the laboratory, and some points from the life cycle and predation of these arthropods, which were obtained through field and laboratory observations. , Was registered. The breeding of these species, which belonged to 8 families and 12 species, lasted a maximum of 154 days, and the Larinoides folium spider (Araneidae) was able to survive in the laboratory more than other spiders, and had the highest nutrition levels. Also, specimens belonging to the Theridion hemerobius family of the (Theridiidae) family hatched in the laboratory were able to adapt to the laboratory conditions and reach maturity.
A spider of sacrifice that gives them food to their babies
Did you know that most of Hawaiian beaches are covered with parrots? This is just one of the ways in which nature itself is destroying things that are too dear to man.

Consider maternity duties. In humane societies, mothers do the most wonderful things for their children, and they go through their interests and wishes to smile happiness and happiness on their children’s lips. But among animals and specifically insects, sacrifices are by no means the same. For example, a particular species of spider raises its intestines and viscera to feed its babies, and this sacrifice is so far surpassed that it dies for its own sake

Spider Venom
Spider Venom
Spider Venom
The insect we talk about is the spider called Stegodyphus lineatus, which lives mostly in the Mediterranean countries. This creature in the spring, using its silk cords, constructs a structure similar to a cylinder and it is laying eggs.

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Hunting is good since then, since the population of insects is high, and no matter how cautious they behave in their journey, they will still be struggling with the wings of the spider. In spring, spider mothers become fattened and sometimes can have 80 or more eggs, all of which are wrapped in a silk screen.

After this stage, the intestines and abdominal organs of the spider begin to disappear and dissolve. When the eggs are broken and the babies come out, the spider’s bowels are ready to be used as a meal. The internal organs of the mother’s body come in the form of a clear, clear liquid and come out of their mouths.
Meanwhile, babies gather around food and feed them for two weeks. They are heavily dependent on this and, of course, their mother, to feed their abdomen, because the mouths of these creatures have not grown sufficiently enough to be able to trap themselves and digest it.

In the process of dissolving the intestines and abdominal organs, the mother of these creatures becomes more intense and extends to other organs other than the heart (which mother needs to survive) until a large portion of the abdomen is Hollow face.

Of course, this process continues if the younger ones do not have a problem in the early days of life. For example, if their dealings with a male spider (which kills it to keep mating with the baby material of the baby), the process of dissolving the internal organs of the mother stops. It’s interesting to know that the mother’s ovaries remain as untouched as the heart, so that they can continue to reproduce.

If the spider babies leave the vital two-week-long vital interval well after the birth, then there’s nothing left of the mother, and almost all of it has been solved for feeding their infants, and if you want to say the number and the figure, then From this period, 41 percent of the mother’s body mass is gone.

But she leaves her last gift for her infants and says goodbye to life. Two weeks have passed since the birth of babies, and they have grown so high that they begin to climb the mother’s body and abdomen, and by holeing their different parts, they eat what’s left in it

Spider Venom
Spider Venom

At this point, the mother lost 54 percent of her body mass, and apparently not pleased. With the 41 percent mentioned above, we will now face a skeletal body that lost 95 percent of its body mass.
When the mother is over and the sons infuse their sucking, the only skeletal remains empty, with its abdominal parts wrinkled and collapsed, and it can be likened to a balloon that has been evacuated.

Strange story! But it can be adapted to the spider with a rough desert environment. Of course, as mentioned earlier, the population of insects is far more than any other period in the spring, however, their numbers are unpredictable with regard to various factors such as changes in rainfall and air temperature.

Hence, the mother decides to sacrifice themselves and provide them with food, instead of putting their babies in a single world that may not be full of insects and food. In other words, in this case, the mother plays a kind of refrigerator that is already filled with food and takes time.

Spider babies who are now pregnant will spend about a few weeks before a fish near the corpse, or better, the mother’s mother’s crust, and they will be hugging each other over insects that are trapped inside the twigs.

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