Snake venom

Signs of dying of snakes

Snake venom

Signs of dying of snakes*
Like humans, snakes also continuously produce new skin cells and should leave their old skin aside. Humans lose their skin constantly and in very small quantities, but snakes lose their old skin in a continuous and continuous state (during a process called Ecydsis). The distance between these plots depends on several factors such as snake age, growth, and environmental conditions. Young and growing snakes are steadily growing (even once a week), while mature snakes go to less and only a few times per year.
Signs that indicate the beginning of the snake
The eyes look blue and cloudy. The reason for this is to cover their eyes. This cover is loose because it is supposed to be replaced (due to loosening) and does not have a permanent position. As the skins start, the eyes will be cleaned like before.
The old skin of the snake will become faint or cloudy, and sometimes the snake’s stomach appears a bit pink at first.
The snake hides itself more than before.
The appetite of the snake may be reduced or the animal completely refuses to feed.
The snake may become more sensitive and more defensive (because of the low visibility of the animal). Note that scavenging for snake is a very stressful process.When the snake is ready to be scalded, it looks for rough surfaces to help them get rid of their skin. It may also drench your snake in order to expedite this process.
Keeping the snake out

Snake venom
Snake venom
Try to provide the snake needed to do the process. Put the shallow container in a corner so that the snake can soak in it. During the dipping process, the snake spends a lot of time in the places listed.
When the snake is dying or preparing for this process, avoid taking up and playing with it as much as possible (if necessary and gentle, you can get him in your hands but note that the snake is a difficult time It spends too much stress, and non-precaution may damage the skin of the new and sensitive skin of the snake).If the snake has decided to fast and do not feed, there’s no reason to worry. Marie that is healthy can easily eat for several weeks (bigger snakes can handle much more time). However, if your snake is eating, it is better to eat smaller meals so that the snake’s quest for digestion during the drying process is as low as possible.

Once the snake has finished, check the skin carefully to ensure its completeness. Ideally, the whole skin should be removed seamlessly, and eye shields should be attached to this skin (there should be no holes in the eyes of the eyes). If a woman has not been able to completely rid her previous skin, or if her eyes remain covered, the snake may need to help you separate them. Therefore, snake skin examination is very important.

Snake venom

Problems of Snake Filling*
If the snake has not been able to completely mow, it may be due to a problem with the health of the snake or the environment (for example, the moisture content of the environment or the presence of foreign parasites, such as flies and ticks).Exposure masks (when these masks are not separated from the skin with the skin) may occasionally occur in this process. To help the snake, you can isolate these masks (this process should be carried out carefully and with complete information). Also, investigate the cause of the incomplete slaughter of the snake so that your snake does not deal with these problems in your next installment.

Skin and scales in snakes*
The body of all snakes is covered with scales. The shape and size of these scales depend on where they are placed on the snake. In general, the skin of snakes has different kinds of functions and different tasks. Many snakes have scales that look like wet and lizz. In fact, if you touch the snake, you usually feel that it is dry and soft. But not all snakes are soft and shiny, for example, the blade snake has very rough scales.
Some snakes shine their scales like the Montpellier Snake and some snake snails with an oily liquid that comes out of their nose. Scientists do not know why they do it.

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