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Scorpion’s whereabouts

Scorpion's whereabouts

Scorpion’s whereabouts

The scorpion’s holding should be covered. And sand the floor of the storage area, such storage should be well ventilated and use items such as tree trunks and shallow water container. Exposure is not necessary. But note that the scorpion from the smallest hole may find its way out. Therefore, the existence of fine grids in the ventilation pathway is essential.

How to prepare scorpions after being caught or brought to the breeding site

After entering (buying or catching) scoop them all in a dry pan at a depth of 20cm with thorns, shavings, soil and any material attached to them, and then cut them into smaller pans with the same depth of course without Soil and thistle and shavings, and then scorpions, for example thirty to thirty in a glass mouthpiece with warm water temperature between 21 and 28 degrees in the room and twenty to twenty-five degrees to Keep away from cooler wind and direct wind and make sure the water used is purified

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How is scorpion?

Scorpions of arthropods and spider species have bites (tail end) with deadly venom and 4 legs. Scorpions are cold-blooded, hibernate, and mostly active in hot weather; they spend days under rocks or in holes they have dug themselves in or have already existed and perform their biological activities such as hunting, eating, mating, and so on. They do it at night.

Scorpion's whereabouts

Nutrition needed for breeding scorpions
You can use earthworms or crickets to feed the scorpions, since it is a matter of breeding and exploiting the scorpions, and the necessary reinforcement materials should be provided and given to the scorpions with the worms and crickets. Nutrition several times a week and eating should also be changed daily.

Scorpions have a variety of sizes available in both small and large sizes. The most dangerous species of scorpions live in Iran and become the center of scorpion breeding in Khuzestan province. It is a deadly and deadly poisonous poison in the lower part of its body, which can save many lives, even if it is used properly. Because this deadly toxin has medicinal uses and is used to relieve pain and eliminate various types of infections.

* Introducing the Scorpion Justification Plan:

The scorpion or scorpion or the long tail is one of the spider arthropods that has four legs and a bite with a deadly venom. The scorpion sting is at its tail tip. Scorpions slowly engage in their activities at night and are more active in warm climates.

These animals have prickly forks that are actually part of their mouths. They are able to spread dangerous toxins from the back of their bodies to attackers. The beast hunts most at night and uses its long legs to find food and then grasps it with its claws. Scorpions often hide under rocks or in relatively cool underground holes throughout the day.

Scorpions have different colors such as yellowish brown, brown, gray and black and vary in size from 1 to 2.5 cm. But because of their flat, flat shape, they can also cross slits up to 4mm wide and bring themselves home.

Scorpions are found outside the home in crevices and seams between rocks, under the bark of trees, between firewood and the like, and can be found in bathrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and wet environments. These animals hide in a quiet corner throughout the day and begin their activity during the night, following their hunt and injecting their poison through the bite at the tail end.

Scorpions often trap insects and are important in this respect. They often hunt for black beetles and, if they can, frogs. After the hunt, they bite the prey first, then crush the bait with their jaws or jaws, and then liquidize it by enzymatic secretion.

They have filters in the mouth area that act as filters and prevent small particles from entering the esophagus because the food should only enter the fluid. Therefore, the solid material is discarded as pellets.

Scorpion's whereabouts
This is why eating the scorpions lasts and sometimes takes up to 4 hours. The scorpions also need water, and the scorpions in wet areas usually drink water separately, and the scorpions in dry areas provide the water needed to prey.
After eating, scorpions spend hours cleaning themselves and cleaning their feet and guttering with fluids from their mouths. Scorpions are highly resistant to hunger and thirst so they can survive for months without water and food.

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* Number of Scorpions per Box:

The number of scorpions in a box varies, for example, in a 1 x 2 cm plastic box:

Mesobutus species can be grown in about one box.
Gardium and Crassicoda species can be grown in about 1 box.

Note: If you can use an air purifier in the farm environment, it is effective for mold and air decontamination, and it is best to build the farm in such a way that the air is traceable. Remember to quarantine a space maker for some time before the new product arrives on the farm.

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