Scorpion venom


Scorpion venom


Iranian scorpions consist of two scurry and buddy families. Scorpio Mesobutos Eposus is a bestial family dispersed in different parts of the country.

Regarding the general dispersion of the scorpion of Iran, recalling this point, it is necessary that the radius of the gloomy geographical dispersion in Iran is greater.

The dwarf scurry is limited to parts of the south, southwest, central and Azeri provinces, Kermanshah, Kurdistan and Khorasan,
While various types of dark-haired genus have been reported from all parts of Iran.

The wide variation and dispersion of the globular dark matter in Iran can be due to its more ancient history than the scrubbing dark. Considering that Iran’s Mesopotamus scrotum is deadly, isolating and studying the poisonous components of this scorpion venom can provide an antidote to provide better and more effective medical services to scorpion people and provide an appropriate response to death. Mir and severe complications from this type of scorpion will be. Recently, the effect of this poison on the respiratory and cardiac system was investigated at the Razi serum center.

The major effect of toxins is on the blockage of sodium, potassium and chloride channels. Toxins with a chain larger than 60 amino acids more affect sodium channels and 30 to 40 amino acid chains on potassium and chloride channels. To purify the toxin, the electrical stimulation of the glandular gland is also used.

Scorpion venom

Toxic traps from scorpions-
Methods of extraction of scorpion venom are different, the two main methods are electric shock and endodontic. Experience has shown that the first method is more suitable and large proteins such as mucoe are less secreted in the venom.
Electric shock methodTo do this, the live scorpion with a pair of pins from the head and tail of the head and tail tuck the animal into a small glass dish, placing two electrodes of the ectopic device for a moment on the sides of the gland.
Due to the action of the contraction of the dependent muscle, pure poison is drained inside the container. The primary secretions of the poison are clear and clear, but gradually becomes cloudy and sticky. In this case, the toxin is mixed with the mucus.
Endodontic method-In this method, they use the tail end of the scorpion, which is called a poison gland. (The tail of the scorpions contains 5 clauses)
For poisoning, first cut off the toxic gland from the attachment to the last tail (fifth paragraph) and rinse it, then place it in the drying apparatus for about one month to dry completely, then the tubers Crushed into crystalline mortars to be crushed, then dissolved with distilled water. The solution is placed in a centrifuge to separate the contents of the poison.

Suitable voltage for scorpion poisoning

The amount of voltage and frequency required for electrical stimulation varies depending on scorpion type. Typically, voltages of 6 to 10 volts can produce clear poisons. At higher voltages, the possibility of mucus secretion increases.
Maintain the resulting poison

The toxins obtained from either of these two methods can be dried and vacuumed in a dry state and in powder form. The distiller can also be used to dry the toxin solution. In this case, the dried poison is crystallized.
The toxins are stored in sealed glass and in a dry and dark place. 2 to 4 degrees Celsius is a good temperature for storing poison. Trapping should be done from the species and, if possible, from the same subspecies, all belonging to a population and a region.
Sam Scorpion is a protein substance that is fresh and purified, clear and colorless, with a neutral to alkaline pH. Its white powder has a bright cream and its crystal is yellow.
The broadest technique used to purify scorpion venom toxins involves extraction of crude poison solution during water dissolution and centrifugation, followed by column chromatography. Toxins are play polypeptides, so a cathodine replacement resin such as carboxymethyl cellulose seems appropriate for the second stage of purification, but usually a third stage of chromatography is needed to get the toxins in the form of a homogeneous form.
Conditions of poisoning and keeping poison-

Scorpion venom
The venom breaks down below half an hour.
Room temperature should be four degrees during inhalation and should be kept in a laboratory freezer after being poisoned.
At a negative temperature, eighty poisons are longer than expected. Of course, we must fully understand and enforce the phenomenon of protein deficiency.
Dry poison is two years old.
Dry tooth storage temperature C ° + 4
Storage temperature of liquid poison 80 ° C
Transfer temperature of liquid poison 20 ° C
Method of preparation of poisonous lipophilic poison
After extraction of the scorpion venom by electric shock method, it is lyophilized and stored in a freezer. Then, to do this, first, some of the myofoscium oxide levophilic powder, which was obtained by an electrical stimulation method, was dissolved in distilled water and stirred for 3 hours. The solution is then placed in a dialysis bag for 48 hours and at a temperature of about 4 ° C in a refrigerator. The dialysis bag of 32 mm is used for this job. After dialysis, the specimen was centrifuged for 17 minutes in SIGMA 6K15 centrifugal Germany, and the rotor 12172, with 14000 rpm and at 4 ° C, and the soluble part is separated from insoluble mucoproteins, the presence of mucoproteins blocks the column Gel will be. After centrifuging the solution, the filter is passed through 0.45 micrometers.
Scorpion venom

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