Scorpion venom

Scorpion Guardian The Deadest Scorpion of the World in Iran

Scorpion Gordian
Guardian (Scientific name: Hemiscorpius lepturus) is the name of a poisonous scorpion near Khuzestan province. The venom of this type of scorpion can easily mature a mature person, while the venom of other scrubs only has side effects. It is the worst rabbit in the world. Even the Mexican diadem is far from the second. It does not have anything to do with the spider spider of a murderer or black widow living in Amazon forest. The color of the mask is tired of the cream and the color of the substance is a brownish worm. According to rumors, in the event of a bite of the victim, if it is not paralyzed, it will take about 5 minutes to counteract it.
Scorpion venom
Scorpion venom

Scorpion venom:The severity of muscle contraction is so severe that sometimes the jaws of the victim get out of their place.
Also, the venom of this scorpion can destroy red blood cells. In the southern regions of Iran, they also know the scorpion as an overwhelming scorpion.
Scorpio Gordian Specifications:
The venom of this scorpion causes a skin necrosis in an injured person due to cytotoxic cytotoxicity. Due to the apparent similarity of all six subspecies in Iran, the common people mistake all subspecies with subspecies of the Gordian scorpion, and all the subspecies are called Guardium, while the Scorpion Guardium is only one of the six known subspecies in Iran. The bite of this scorpion is very common in the southern regions, and many people suffer from the bite of this scorpion each year.In the subtype of hemicrospellus, lepturus or gardium, body size has been reported in a scorpion between 50 and 85 mm. The body is very flat and narrow, usually yellow or brownish-brown, with a dark longitudinal strip visible on the abdominal area. The tail length is usually longer than the other scorpions. More than the sultry, wet and hot areas of Asia and the Middle East. Usually they enter the houses in these areas. It feeds on insects and arthropods. The body is very slim and hides its bed between the seams and grooves.

This non-digger scorpion, also known as gardium or gaudium, is abundant in southern and southwestern Iran. The males are demyally, but in females, the length of the tail is shorter.
How to use GARDIUM venom poison:

The location of the bite is similar to grade 3 burn and its recovery is very slow. The poison is a very strong scorpion with neurotocystic, cardiotoxic and hemotoxic properties. The venom will cause the surface tissue of the necrosis to be expanded (the venom has a lot to do with the venom of some vermiform snakes) and cause secondary renal failure.

Many scorpion bites of this type of scorpion have caused death. In Iran, 2 to 5 percent of this type of scorpion leads to death.

Scorpion venom
Scorpion venom
There are rumors that in the event of a bite, the victim has only 5 minutes to take his anti-poison if he does not get paralyzed and the severity of the contraction of the muscles is so severe that sometimes the victim’s jaws leave their place scientifically unreliable. And there is no such report.
The venom of this type of scorpion can easily make a mature man, while the venom of other scorpions only has side effects. Also, the venom of this scorpion can destroy red blood cells. In the southern regions of Iran, they also know the scorpion as a scorpion of death.
Scorpion venom
These animals have spiny claws that are actually part of their mouths. They are able to throw a dangerous toxin from the rear of their bodies to the attackers. The animal hunts more at night and uses its long legs to find food, and after finding food, it takes its forks. Scouts often hide under the rocks or in the holes of the earth during the day.
Shape and place of lifeScouts have different colors, such as yellowish-brown, brown, gray and black, and vary in size from 1.5 to 18 cm. But because of its flat shape, it can also slip through the width of 3 mm and enter itself home. Scouts are found in the outdoors in gaps and gaps between rocks, under the bark of trees, between firewood and the like, and in the interior of the house are found baths, washbasins, kitchens and wet environments. They move and hide throughout the day in a corner and start their activities during the night and seek their hunt, and inject their poison through their sting at the tail end of their hunt.
Scorpion venom
Scabies often catch banana insects and are important in this regard. They are often black beetles and if they can hunt frogs too. After hunting, they begin to bite the prey, then begin to crush the bait through the clearser or jaws, and at the same time, they make it liquid in the form of an enzyme secretion. In the mouth area, there are feathers that act as filters and prevent the entry of small food particles into the esophagus, as food should only be introduced in liquid form. So the scorpion throws the harsh materials into bullet-proof dust. That’s why the action of eating food in the scorpions lasts and sometimes lasts up to 24 hours.

Scorpions also need water, and scorpions in wet areas usually drink water separately, and scorpions in the dry areas also provide water from the bait body. The scorpions, after eating, spend hours cleaning themselves and, by means of a liquid that secretes from their mouths, cleans their legs and clears. The scorpions have great resistance to hunger and thirst.

Scorpion venom

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