Scorpion venom

Scorpion types

Scorpion types-
1) Scorpion Gordium (Death Scorpion)
This scorpion is known by almost all Khuzestan children or loved ones who have spent the war years in the basins of the southern regions. This scorpion is the most toxic scorpion in the world, even the Mexican red scorpion is at a second distance.
Its poison is not anything to do with the spider’s spider’s murder or the black widow living in the Amazon jungle, the male’s color is a tendency to the cream and the color of the substance is brownish-brown. In the event of a bite, the victim has only 5 minutes to counteract it, even if it is not paralyzed, the severity of muscle contraction is so severe that sometimes the victim’s jaws leave their area.
2. Scorpion Satan
One of the most aggressive scorpions in the desert region of Isfahan is the Scorpion. The local hunters and shepherds chose the best name they could choose for this fearful scorpion. Its length sometimes reaches up to 15 cm, and its color is tilted to gray and behind it is dark green.
Its pace on the ground is incredible. The scorpion is so quick at launch that it really catches its victim so that when you’re in a few yards you suddenly see that it quickly jumps out of your pants!
This unusual behavior that you do not see about almost any other insect may be the best reason to choose the name of the “devil” for it. Of course, this scorpion is also known in other parts of the world. Some rumors say that it heavily provokes the heartbeat of his victim, unlike other scorpions, this scorpion simply does not eat insects, but the main food is another scorpion.
Sam Although the scorpion is not always associated with the perpetrator, but generally when someone tells them, if they do not go to a doctor in time, the victim will lose all hair of her head and face in one or two days, like people who are chemotherapy. ; In her mouth, she has a terrible blisters and severe fever and chills that can lead to irreparable complications in the case of hypersensitivity and inadequate medical attention. There is no need to explain the pain of an abdominal discomfort.
After years of dying around D.D., almost this scorpion was destroyed, but still found on the margin of the desert of Isfahan and Semnan.
3. Normal yellow scorpion

Scorpion types
Ordinary yellow scorpions are found almost everywhere, their color is lime yellow and are generally very small so that their length is effortlessly larger than a 25-ton coin. This type of scorpion is found from the storerooms of houses to the garden of your home, ruins, along the waterway and even the river’s margin.
They are not so dangerous, and even their bite is less painful than the bee, they feed on small insects, and the best aid to eliminate the insect that wounds our woolen clothes is not so invasive, and if you put it on your own hands If you do not squeeze, it does not get you, but if it says, it’s not so dangerous.
4. Scorpio Blackberry
Its color is bright gray and its length is sometimes up to 10 cm, as its name implies, the main habitat of this type of scorpion is near the trees, there is a kind of peaceful co-existence between this scorpion and the blackberry trees, so that this The scorpion feeds on certain parasites that are found in blackberries, and so it can be found in most places where the blackberry trees exist.

Scorpion types
This type of scorpion is distributed almost throughout Asia, but in Iran one of the major areas that is abundantly found in Isfahan province is due to the large number of predators that this scorpion is in the range of their diet (hedgehogs, lizards, rats And a variety of birds). The bite of this insect is especially dangerous in dry seasons and can cause many complications such as severe allergies in humans.
The hunter’s animal, if not careful, is likely to be the victim of their own hunting, although it does not pose a risk to death for humans, but the bite is very painful and it is advisable to visit the doctor. So when you climb the berry trees or when you have berries, be careful not to fall on your head.
5. Scorpions
This scorpion is known as a crab scorpion or a locust scorpion because it has large cigar-shaped tongs. The main characteristic of this scorpion, other than its large tweezers, is its black and scary color and its large size, sometimes reaching up to 20 cm, which is why it is also known as black scorpion. This scorpion can be found specifically in Kashan, although this Scorpion is found all over the world, but the horror that the Native Scorpion has in the region has no similar species.
This scorpion loves dark environments so that if your grandmothers want to curiosity at home in their homes, then look carefully at the packages and suitcases, as if you are looking for it because of Severe swelling of the respiratory tract After a few days you will not even have the power to shout, the least harm that can be sacrificed after an hour is blindness. If the injured person does not visit a doctor for up to 10 hours, there is a risk of death.
Although today the scorpion is scarce because of pesticides and toxic substances derived from industrial life, it is still found in some houses in the city of Isfahan even though its main habitat is the Kashkan Black Mountain Desert. If you’ve been so busy at night, be sure to put your shoes in plastic.

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