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Scorpion sting! Healer or killer

Scorpion sting! Healer or killer
Scorpion sting! Healer or killer

Scorpions are among the creatures that have a deceptive and scary appearance, and some believe that the bite of this poisonous creature will pose a risk of death.
The poison in the scorpion sting is a completely natural source for various medical and environmental applications, and the benefits and potentials of the scorpion seem to be so vast that it takes a long time to realize them all.
Compared to other bites, scorpions are probably the easiest species to study by researchers. The toxin, which looks like a thick colored milk soup, is made up of a variety of molecules, and they contain hundreds of large, complex proteins called peptides.

Many of these toxic peptides are capable of damaging the victim, for example, they can paralyze the victim or lead to his death, among which there are various ways to damage the cells through these toxic chemicals.

Scorpion sting! Healer or killer

Scorpion toxicant applications

One of the most effective uses of scorpion venom is to eliminate insects and pests in agriculture. This reduces the use of chemicals in traditional ways that can easily help preserve the environment and balance the ecosystem and sustainability of life.
The poison has a high potential as a pesticide. Each toxic peptide compound in the venom has millions of years of experience in destroying specific insects and may be safe for humans because it is adapted to destroy a particular insect in nature.

The healing power of scorpions

The poison found in scorpion sting can help people heal and heal. Some of the toxins produced by scorpions only affect mammalian cells, which may be a defense mechanism and can also affect humans.
Studies have shown that this toxin can kill toxic constituents of cells. Thus, the peptide extracted from scorpion venom can be used to target, treat, and inhibit cancer cells.
New painkillers of natural origin have shown that the peptide toxins found in scorpion sting venom respond to the nervous and muscular systems.

Smoking scorpion venom as a drug

The use of scorpions as a narcotic is becoming popular in many parts of Pakistan. Scorpion venom seems to make a person feel extremely thirsty and over time very addictive.

How do they get this drug? It has a simple process. The dead scorpion is dried for several hours in the sun or thrown alive into the fire to die and then applied to its carcass. Since scorpion tail is a poisonous place, some addicts prefer to powder dried tail and smoke it with cannabis or tobacco.


Of the 5 different species of scorpions that are scattered around the world, only about 5 are poisonous, and the most common of these is Indian red scorpion. Scorpions have many species in Iran Two species of iranus and Khuzestanus have been discovered in Iran and the name of Iranian scorpion has been registered in Iran. The color is small. Males have long tail. This scorpion is very abundant in the south and southwest and is called Gadim in Khuzestan. 2- “Campsobutus matheizeni”, which is very small and slim in yellow or brick. It is also abundant in the southern regions, especially in Khuzestan. The venom of these two species of scorpions can destroy red blood cells. 2 – “Andructonus crassicoda”, which is a larger body than the two previous species and its color is black or dark brown. This species is distributed in most parts of Iran.

Number of Scorpions per Box:
Scorpion sting! Healer or killer

The number of scorpions in a box varies, for example, in a 2 x 1 cm plastic box:

Mesobutus species can be grown in about one box.
Gardium and Crassicoda can be grown in about 1 box.

Note: If you can use an air purifier in the farm environment, it is effective for mold and air decontamination, and it is best to build the farm in such a way that the air is traceable. Remember that quarantine before a new breeder enters the farm for a certain amount of space-time, light silence, and proper humidity are all factors that affect scorpion tranquility.

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