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Properties of natural honey and its benefits

Properties of natural honey and its benefits

Properties of natural honey and its benefits

Humans have used honey since ancient times because of its antibacterial and antifungal properties. In fact, the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians recorded the properties of natural honey, which Aristotle also mentioned in 5 BC. Even Prophet Solomon has said, “My son, eat honey that works for you”. Honey is definitely one of the old crops that has gained a good place in the hearts of people in terms of natural healing.

With honey, not only can sugar be removed from your food basket, it can also bring nutrients and health into your life. In its main composition, a tablespoon of honey contains about 2 calories and has no fat or cholesterol.

It contains vitamins, low levels of enzymes, amino acids and minerals such as calcium, iron, sodium chlorine, magnesium, phosphate and potassium. Due to the tendency of honey to acidic pH levels (0.5 to 0.5), it helps to reduce bacterial growth and its antioxidant properties and eliminates some free radicals. It is probably one of the best sweeteners and least processed sugar on earth.

Properties of natural honey and its benefits

Since the honey production process is not a regular one, you will be surprised to find out how much effort is being made to produce it. Beekeeping experts claim that to produce 2 grams of honey, approximately 6,000 bees spend about 2 million flowers (about 3 kilometers) to extract enough nectar to produce this amount of honey.

This requires a lot of teamwork and a lot of time. The bees have two stomachs and store the nectar from the flowers inside one of these stomachs. They digest their favorite flower food and pollen by the other stomach.

In the extra stomach, the nectar is collected from the pollen of the flower, mixed with the enzymes, and each bee injects the mixture into the mouth of another bee. This may sound awkward, but it’s actually quite natural and not as dirty as it sounds. This process continues until part of the nectar is digested. Honey is then stored in them and the bees use their wings to inflate the nectar and thicken it.

Subsequently, another fluid used to seal the nectar into the cell is secreted from the bee’s stomach and the nectar into the bee’s wax becomes solid. Here’s a look at the health benefits of honey so that more people can enjoy the benefits of this natural and health-promoting healer.

It is worth noting that a baby should not be given honey, as their immune and digestive systems are still growing. Honey may contain botulism and their small body is not yet ready to fight it.

Of the properties of natural honey

If you are not taking full advantage of the properties of honey, it is best to start with, as honey is a wonderful healing agent for all kinds of diseases.
2. Help with allergies

Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of honey, it can help reduce allergy symptoms. Honey acts as a natural vaccine because of its low pollen content. If you suffer from runny nose and itchy eyes during the allergy season, honey can help you a lot.

As soon as a small amount of flower pollen in the honey enters your body, it will produce antibodies that will fight that flower pollen, which means that your body will develop an allergenic defense against it all the time, So that by entering a small amount of pollen that you are allergic to, your immune system will be invaded.

Because only a small amount of pollen enters your body, your immune system successfully attacks and destroys it and at the same time strengthens your immune system.

It is important to consume honey from your local area, as this type of honey will contain pollen from your local flowers. By consuming a small amount of honey daily (one teaspoon) your body will strengthen its natural immunity to allergens that usually cause allergy symptoms.

Remember to start eating honey two or three months before the allergy season, so that your body has enough time to boost its immune system. Visit local farmer’s shops or nearby healthy natural food stores for local honey.
Strengthening the body’s energy

If you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed after work at lunch, or just getting out of bed every morning, you can use a natural energy booster to fix this. Honey, due to its high carbohydrate content, has not been an amazing source of unprocessed sugar energy.

Glucose and fructose in honey quickly enter the bloodstream, boosting the energy needed for your mobility. This is a great way to start a long-term workout regime. Otherwise, take honey with your breakfast to boost the energy needed to get your work done.

A valid idea is to add a spoonful of honey to a cup of tea or drink it with a small amount of coffee because excessive consumption of coffee does not increase your energy. You can also drink some warm tea in the afternoon with a tablespoon of honey. But keep in mind that you should only eat one or two tablespoons of raw honey daily.

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