Preparing snake venom

Preparing snake venom

Preparing snake venom

A special jar is used to make snake venom in the leopard-like group of cobras. The glass door is closed with a thin sheet of rubber (for example, a motorcycle tube), with a stick or stick attached to the snake’s neck. They grab the cobra snake by the hand and close its mouth to the glass, where the snake bites the rubber cover and drops a few drops of poison into the glass.

The resulting toxin is dried under vacuum or under vacuum with or without P2O5 or chloroxime under certain conditions in a desiccator under vacuum or vacuum, which can be kept away from light, moisture and heat for a long time. The color of the poison varies in different types of snakes. It may be light white, light blue or yellow or brownish orange. Occasionally the venom of the snake’s left and right glands differs in quantity and quality, and this difference is also seen in the sexes of snakes of the same species. Male cobra venom is higher than female cobra venom, but this ratio does not apply to the viper group. Generally due to the level of toxin secretion and its lethal potency or LD50, cobra, parsley, asparagus or horned snake and horned snake are more dangerous than other poisonous snakes in Iran, respectively. Adult is enough.

How the snake venom is used and where it is used
Snake maintenance

Do you want to be a snake as your pet? Great. They are wonderful pets, but read this article before and after taking Martin home. Keeping a snake will be a pleasure when it suits your lifestyle.

Choosing the right snake

If you’re a beginner snake keeper, experts recommend keeping you snake corn, ball python, and kingnake.

Be responsible

You have to know how long the snake you choose will live to prepare and live with it. For example, the corn snake is 5 to 10 years old and the kingfish is between 12 and 15 years old, but the python can live up to 30 years. So you need to research the snake you want to choose so you can determine if you are ready to keep it for this period.

Be aware of the dangers.

Keeping the snake at bay is not a big risk, but you should keep this in mind. In addition, like other reptiles, snakes carry Salmonellosis. So it’s best if you have a child under the age of 5, don’t hold the snake or teach them to wash your hand after each time they touch the snake. Of course you have to do the same.

Know the mood of the snakes

Snakes are not social beings and prefer to be alone, so it is best to have only one snake. They don’t like the noise and the noise. They do not enjoy touching their skin, so stroke them as little as you can. At the same time you have to hold him for 5 minutes a day to get used to you and get used to living with people. They love order, so take a firm and regular look at changing the water and cleaning the tank and feeding it.

Provide a comfortable environment for Martan

To maintain the snake you need to provide a good environment for your snake’s life and growth. You do not have to bring the soil and plants of the rainforest to your home, but the temperature and humidity of the environment where the snake is located should be appropriate for him.

Know Martan’s needs so you can adjust the humidity and temperature of his terrarium. You can use a heat lamp to heat the terrarium, but warm up half the terrarium space so that if your snake needs a cool environment it can move to the other side of the terrarium. The use of warm rocks also looks good, but it does damage sensitive snake skin.

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