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In dry ice flask, These flasks have no temperature reduction for 8 hours.

Dry venom can be delivered in portable refrigerators. These type of refrigerators can hold the dry product about 12 hours in -20c with no temperature fluctuation.

There are various tests performed to check the quality of the product but the main ones are Spectrophotometer, Electrophoresis and Ld50

By liofilization (Lyophilization) method (freeze drying)

Min 2 max 240 k/Dalton (Molecular Weight Indicator)

.It makes it possible to break the genome and proteins more effectively.

We can perform specialized tests like HPLC, RAMAN and GC per customer request.

Three methods can be used to extract venom from spiders:

1-For a producer with very few spiders, the best method is Electro-stimulation (electric shock) and use a micro-capillary tip. The milking technique consisted of a forceps wire soldered to an adjustable electric converter that was used to stimulate the muscle surrounding the venom glands to contract and release venom. Venom transfer into a 1.5 mL microcentrifuge tube.

2-In this method the spiders stored in a chamber containing O2 or in the liquid nitrogen cooling chamber to make them frozen and anesthetized.Then venom glands and fangs will dissect from the spider`s body by the experts under the microscope.Due to freezing, it is possible to dissect the venom glands and fangs safely.This method is time-consuming and expensive so, the device will be produced after receiving the customer purchase order.

This method is time-consuming and expensive so, the device will be produced after receiving the customer purchase order.

3-The third method is performed according to the previous one, the difference is that after the freezing, a triangular cut by surgical scissor is created then venom glands, fangs and part of the spider`s head transferred to the micro-tube and will be frozen.

This method is cheaper and can produce higher volumes of venom in less time.

Only if the customer requests.

In a freezer with a temperature of minus -20 C

We keep liquid poison in a freezer at a temperature of minus 80 degrees also, some other poisons keep in Liquid nitrogen tank.

  • Precise knowledge of species and subspecies.
  • A quarantine environment and an up-to-date laboratory tools.
  • Standard and scientific tools to freeze and provide valid analyzes.
  • Providing venom products in dried, liquid or crude liquids.
  • Shipment of products per customer request.

The delivery options are as follow:

In liquid form in portable freezer with temperature of -50c for 6 to 16 hours.

In dried form in a container filled with dry ice.

In two categories: Neurotoxins and Hemotoxin

By freezer centrifuges for 10 minutes (10000 G).

24 hours before the procedure, the environment is first washed and then disinfected by formalin.

To begin, according to snake species, choose the beaker and sterilize it, then cover the beaker with a thick plastic layer (a plastic cup). Firs hold the neck of the snake and immobilize it, then rub the snake forehead to keep it calm.

Close the snake to the beaker until the snake provokes to bite, then the snake begins to release its venom. After milking, remove the fangs from the plastic layer very softly.

First of all the environment should be sterilized and free of pollution as much as possible, then classify the scorpions according to their species and sub types and pass themto the chamber (for example, the Hemi-curious as a species will be divided into two sub-branches of Hemi Scorpius Leptocus and Hemicorphosis Precious).


Note: the venom of subtypes can be mixed, but for better quality avoid doing this.

Note: the venom of two different species should not be mixed, otherwise will be


To Begin to fill a petri dish with cotton and soak the cotton in water, so that it can be used as hydration. Milking is done by two people, the researcher, and an assistant. Scorpion venom extracts with a full automatic stimulator, our device can distinguish the species by analyzing their bodies and automatically adjust voltage and ampere for milking.

It also detects immature and pregnant scorpions, which helps to extract a high-quality venom without hurting scorpions.

The venom is preserved in a sterilized cryotube. Then the liquid venom will be transferred to a nitrogen tank. The dried venom is preserved in – 30 c and frozen.

Pure venom

Pure venom is the poison that is extracted from animal glands which are liquid and without any processing.

Liquid venom:

Before drying, the venom is in liquid form. Venom will be centrifuged and filtered (remove impurities or foreign matters). In this way, the dehydration phase will be fast, easier and with more quality.

Solid venom

The venom after removal is immediately and quickly frozen than dried up by the lyophilized method. The venom is preserved at a temperature of -30 ° C and is the best type of venom for transmission and sale.