Scorpion venom

Breeding scorpions

Breeding scorpions-

God has created the Scorpion poison to defend and kill enemies. Ironically, all species of the scorpions do not have poison, and only 25 species of scorpions have been identified that their poison is considered deadly for human beings. The protein found in Scorpio is used by people who suffer from arthritis. On the other hand, this protein is also used to treat multiple paralysis and intestinal complications, with the price of over $ 10 million per liter as the most expensive fluid in the world.
Scorpion breeders should be well-acquainted with the biological and behavioral characteristics of the beast in order to be able to use this creature appropriately while minimizing damage to it. It is also necessary to use the facilities, technology, and specialists for the scorpion because the level of toxin of these creatures is very low and according to the reports in Iranian common species in the country, on average, from each sample of scallops 1 to 2 hundredths of a gram of venom with ectopic method Obtained.
Why is livestock farming a scorpion?

Currently, the scorpion is very native and is not saturated yet.
The scorpion is very plentiful and has few casualties.
Venom is the most expensive liquid in the world.
Need a small place.
It does not cost a lot and it just needs a little patience.
There is no need for a permanent examination (only 2 hours a day)
Some uses of Scorpio
One of the most effective uses of Scorpio is to eliminate insects and pests in the agricultural sector. This reduces the use of chemicals in traditional ways that can easily help to preserve the environment and balance ecosystems and sustainability of life.
Therefore, it does not change the structure of water and soil and can not reach the body of animals and humans.

Research has shown that this toxin has a high potential for pesticides. Each poisonous poisonous peptide compound has millions of years of experience in destroying certain insects and may be harmful to human beings because it is adapted to destroy a specific insect in nature.
Hence, by deciphering these toxins, scientists were able to make some copies that act as prototypes, but there are still many challenges with the distribution of these toxins among plants and the recognition of the uses of these toxins in the agricultural sector.
Healing power

The poison in the scorpion bite can help the health of people and improve their wounds. Some poisons produced by Scorpion are only effective on mammalian cells, which are probably a kind of defense mechanism and can also be effective on humans.

Studies show that this poison can destroy toxic compounds of cells. In this way peptide extracted from the venom of scorpion can be used to target, treat and control cancer cells.

Researchers also said that Scorpion can be a good alternative to strong pain medications to reduce pain in patients. Scientists’ research on new ways to invent new drugs with the origin of natural compounds showed that poisonous peptide in the scrotum venom poison, in the nervous system And the muscle reacts.

Researchers are now investigating how the scorpion is interacting at the molecular level, and are trying to devise humans that act like the natural ingredients of Scorpion.

The purpose of this research is to produce natural-derived drugs without the use of synthetic compounds in order to reduce their side effects among patients whose scorpion stings have high potential for making these compounds, but is still unknown.
Different species of scorpion

Among the scorpions, the Indian red scorpion is the deadliest species, with an estimated 40 to 30 percent in India.
There are many species of rabbits that have been identified in Iran by Iran and Khuzestan species in Iran. There are three species of dwarf species in Iran that there are reports of death due to their bites:

Hemy Securipius Lepturus: Scarlet yellow and small. The males are getting up. This scorpion is very abundant in the south and southwest and is called “Gadim” in Khuzestan.
Compsobutos Matejesni: It has a very small, thin body in yellow or brick. This is also abundant in the southern regions, especially in Khuzestan. Poison The two scorpion species can destroy red blood cells.
Endocrine Krzyszków: It has thicker shades than the two previous ones and its color is black or brown. This species is scattered in most parts of Iran.
Birth and reproduction of scorpions

Scorpions are viable. However, some researchers in Scorpions whose babies do not have embryonic cats are alive and those that have embryonic cats are viable. The pregnant woman has swollen abdomen and in advanced pregnancy, The ability of the embryos is observed in the abdominal wall, especially in the posterior half of the mesosoma. The fertility period varies depending on the type of scorpion and usually lasts from 2 to 4 months. The discharge time of the infants is also based on the type of fetal growth from one hour to ten days. Has been. Scorpions usually spawn in mid-summer to mid-autumn.
First, the pregnant scorpion rely on the posterior half of the body and the front of the foot, and it tilts its tail to the right side of the body. The front of the body is about 1 cm high with a wide angle. They do not touch the ground, and the fingers are half open. They are bent forward from the tibia. In this case, the two hinges open and fall vertically.

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