Bee Venom

Enter the new queen into the hive

Bee Venom

Enter the new queen into the hive*
This is done to change the queen. In this way, Queen’s coaches buy and use Queen’s training institutions. You can replace the queen at any time of the year, but often do it at the end of the honeymoon period or early spring and usually do this in the spring when preventing the baby. In any case, to get started, you must take the ex-queen out and out for half a day or several hours before the new queen arrives.
Equipment for beekeeping
A good hive should prevent the arrival of invading bees. Resistant to the destructive effects of sunlight and rain. Prevents termites from penetrating. Most hives are wooden. Different parts of a hive from below to the bottom of the board, the floor, the queen’s window, the frames and their substructures, the separator plate, the cover, the beekeeping equipment for beekeeping, a pair of shoes or boots, a pair of gloves, a lace to cover the face , Smoker, beekeeping knuckle, hat, scarf or king full, queen cage, baby, a matchbox.

Smoker Honey bees do not simply allow the beekeepers to remove honey from the hive. To help mitigate their attacks or manage bees, when using the hive, a device called smoke or smoke is used. Some foggers are made of tin and some copper or stainless steel, and a smoke box should have a strong blower and a suitable fire reservoir. Thin cardboard boxes, dry, and especially rotten hemp sails, old cloth or woolen clothes, rolled wood and broad beef are the best fuels for smoke.

Bee Venom

Bee Venom

Learn more about Queen Bee*

The length of the queen’s length is shorter than body length compared to male and female bees and the abdomen is dramatically drained.

When the Queen of Bee has grown sufficiently, with her jaws, she takes her cell cap and goes out.

After leaving the cell, the queen first eats some honey, then begins to circulate in the colony.

Searching for its potential rivals and killing them within a short time.

At that time, if the queen fights the other queen (her sisters), he will fight for them to become one of them.

Afterwards, in search of closed cells, the queen returns and the baby kills her inside.

Queen mating takes place 6 to 10 days after the queen leaves the cell.

Before mating, the queen makes several familiar flights, which may take 2 to 30 minutes, or flight or mating flights may take 5 to 20 minutes.

Most moonlit flights take place in the days between 2 and 4 pm in the days when the temperature is more than 20 degrees Celsius.

During the queen’s mating, she receives sperm as much as her entire life and places it in a sperm bag.

The laying of the queen usually begins 2 to 3 days after returning to the hive, and until the end of his life,

Unless late in the autumn when no pollen continues.

The queen secretes the material itself, which causes the colony to come as a single unit, and also makes

That workers can not produce a new queen and also prevent the growth of the ovaries of colony workers.

Bee Venom
What is the good queen*
Bee Venom:One of the symptoms of a good queen is the condition of spawning. In a good queen, the placement of eggs is regular and compact, and there are fewer empty cells in between. The explanation is that this situation is not observed due to the aging of the queen or the queen of the queen, and the chambers in which the laying was made is scattered that the queen must be destroyed and replaced by a healthy queen. The hands of the Queen should be healthy so that they can walk well on the cadres. If the
Queen has problems with the hand and foot, she can not well lay it out

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