Improve The Process of Toxication

For the production of higher quality pesticides, special care and foods rich in organic substances are used with a specific formula that increases the protein content of the toxin and increases its quality. For proper nutrition, we use the complete food pyramid, which is rich in all kinds of proteins and vitamins and carbohydrates.For special care we use the most commonly used transformative natural environment, and keep generators there. In addition to increasing the quality of toxins, the company's special nutrition also increases the life span of animals.

Our Lab

All venom products are delivered in both liquid and dried form in nitrogen tank dusted by lyophilized (Freeze-drying) process. We are able to deliver accumulated venom products (from all species) minimum of 200g in liquid and 40g in dried form quarterly.


  • Spider and Black widows

  • Snake and Cobras

  • Scorpions


  • Deposited Venom is kept in -50c to -70c in liquid form

  • Kept in liquid nitrogen tanks


  • In Dry and Liquid Form

  • In purified dry and pure raw form

  • Our lab can produce and deliver at least 200g in liquid and 40g of dry form in venom products per quarter

  • Can be delivered in liquid form in portable freezer